When Is It Safe to Remove Baby Gates?

When your baby starts to become mobile, whether crawling or walking, you need to ensure that your home is as baby proof as possible. In a nutshell, all this means is that you need to make sure your child can’t get into trouble, generally between the ages of six months and two years. And baby gates are a great solution!

Baby gates are manufactured to keep babies, toddlers, and even slightly older children safe. Installed to prevent them gaining access to stairs or to openings that allow access to decks, swimming pools and ponds, even just the backyard, they are designed to be a life saver!

Responsible mothers and fathers do all they can to ensure their little ones don’t crawl or toddle out of sight, but it can take a split second for something to go wrong. Installing baby gates and ensuring they don’t get access to areas where they can fall (like steps or decks) or reach items that might be dangerous (from medicine cupboards for instance) gives peace of mind.

But how do you know when it is safe to take down baby gates?

Reasons to Remove Baby Safety Gates

A very vague rule of thumb is that kids up to the age of two years need extra protection. Another rule of thumb is that once the child’s chin is at the same level as the top of the gate the gate should be removed.

But the reality is that not all children are the same. They develop at different rates mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. So the issue is, if your child can climb over the baby gate, or has worked out a way to open it, it will undoubtedly be better to remove it. If you don’t, you will be living with a false reassurance that your baby gates are keeping him or her safe.

In essence, if a baby safety gate isn’t invincible to the person it is there to protect you might as well remove it. In reality, if a child is able to push a baby gate over, or climb over the top of it, it could become more of a hazard than a help.

What Happens After You Have Removed Baby Gates?

Just as nothing is a substitute for adult supervision (not even the best baby gates in the world) when you remove them you need to be 100 percent proactive. Make sure your little ones can climb up and down stairs safely, and teach them the dangers of heights.

That doesn’t mean you need to discard your baby gates. If you have invested in a good-quality product you can keep it and use it when the next child comes along. Alternatively, you might consider selling it, or possibly using it during family social occasions when you need to prevent access to certain areas for other youngsters. Baby gates can often also be used to contain pets and stop them either harming themselves or going places in your home where they might do damage.

Cardinal Gates Baby Gates

Cardinal Gates has a range of baby gates that will keep your baby safe at its most vulnerable time in life. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Features of the Safest Baby Gates

If you are in the market for a baby safety gate, how do you know which baby gate is the best?

Obviously, it needs to be well made, solid, and high enough to prevent a child from climbing over it. Like swimming pool fencing, baby safety gates should never have horizontal rails that a child can use like a ladder, and the vertical elements need to be spaced so that nobody can squeeze through them.

Additionally, when choosing the best baby gates, you need to consider ease of installation, durability, and visual appeal. If you’re going to use a baby gate you want it to look attractive as well as be safe.

While you might think that all baby gates look the same, and therefore are the same, there are features that make some baby gates considerably safer than others.

Ultimately, make sure the gate has been designed for the safety of your child, and that it has been tested according to specifications.

Features That Indicate Which Baby Gate is the Safest

Materials Used to Make Baby Gates

The strongest, most durable baby gates are manufactured from metal, and they don’t incorporate any plastic parts. Those that are powder coated require minimal cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, some very attractive baby gates are made from solid wood.

While steel is commonly used for the best baby gates, aluminum is a superior material that is low in maintenance, light in weight, and won’t rust. Sometimes aluminum is combined with stainless steel, particularly if the gate is intended for use outside. Wrought iron is another option.

When considering which metal baby gate is best, look at gates manufactured from any of these metals.

Locking Mechanisms for Baby Gates

When choosing the best baby gates, ensure you buy a product that will lock automatically. You want to be able to pull and twist the latch to open it, and it should simply swing shut. If you have to rely on manual closing and locking you haven’t chosen the safest baby gate product.

Installation of Baby Gates

While installation methods vary for different types of baby gates, it is sensible to choose a gate that is easy to install without having to drill numerous holes for screws or bolts.

So, when deciding which baby gate is best, make sure it is easy to assemble and install. Some of the best may be mounted at any angle, others may be mounted at angles of up to 30 degrees, which is useful if you are installing a gate on some decks.

Pressure-mounted gates are particularly easy to install, but they should not be used at the top of stairs just in case they are pushed out of place. Gates that are hardware-mounted (using screws and bolts) are stronger and more secure, but if you require hardware to install the gate, make sure this is included with the product.

Ideal Height of Safe Baby Gates

Generally, baby gates are used in homes until children are about two years old. Bearing this rule of thumb in mind, the gate should be sufficiently high to prevent a child this age from pulling over the gate or climbing it.

A good, safe height will be 29 to 29½ inches. However, if you want a taller gate, rather opt for one that is 36 inches (3 feet) high.

Vertical Bar Spacing for Baby Gate Safety

If a child can squeeze through the bars of a baby gate then it isn’t safe! Ideal bar spacing of the vertical elements should be from 2¼ to 2½ inches.

Baby Gates from Cardinal Gates

Cardinal Gates manufactures a range of excellent baby gates that incorporate all the features mentioned above.

The company designs its own products and owns several patents on gates as well as their proven safety pad. Their automatic locking gates feature a patented auto-lock latch that enables adults to pass through in either direction.

All baby gates are tested rigorously for certification by the Juvenile Protection Manufacturers Association.

Additionally, all products are inspected carefully, by hand, prior to shipping to ensure they are in prime condition when they reach the customer.

So, if you are trying to work out which baby gate is best, have a look at the range Cardinal Gates has to offer.


Outdoor Safety Gates for Children and Pets

The weather’s warming up and we’re all beginning to migrate outside, at least for a while at weekends and when we’re not at work. This doesn’t mean just you and I, but also our children and our pets, particularly our dogs. As adults, we have an added responsibility to ensure that babies, toddlers, young children, and our furry friends are safe at all times. The best way to meet this challenge is to install safety gates and/or other outdoor safety equipment to prevent them getting into harm’s way.

What outdoor safety equipment do you have in place?

Danger Areas for Children and Pets

There is no debate that more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else. In addition to hot water burns and electrical injuries, people trip and fall, and stumble down steps and stairs, both indoors and outdoors. Young children open drawers, cabinets, and medicine cupboards and try tasting things that turn out to be potentially lethal. If children or pets manage to get out of the yard they are even more vulnerable, particularly if you live on a busy road. And there’s no doubt that after winter, when children and pets are more likely to want to play outdoors, there will be risks and hazards they may have forgotten exist outside of the coziness of indoor living, even within a fenced property.

The answer for you is to be aware of all potential dangers and to take steps to reduce the risks involved. When it comes to areas outside the house, including swimming pools and ponds, the best approach is to minimize access to any and all of these areas.

How to Make Sure That Outdoor Areas Are Safe for Children and Pets

First, you will need to assess your outdoor areas to see where potential dangers lurk. The most obvious will be water, steps, open decks, and raised patios. If you don’t have some form of fencing or railings, consider installing these to make vulnerable areas inaccessible. If you have railings around your deck or fencing around your patio, you can increase safety for children and pets by installing deck netting or a plastic shield to prevent them pushing through vertical posts and poles. This will provide peace of mind, particularly on raised decks.

Outdoor safety gates are the answer for protecting the top of stairways and steps to contain dogs and prevent babies and young children from gaining access and possibly tumbling down. Some outdoor safety gates may be used successfully at the bottom of stairs. Of course, safety gates may also be used inside to prevent children and/or pets from getting to specific areas including kitchens and bathrooms where many hazards are real!

Outdoor Safety Products from Cardinal Gates

While there is clearly no substitute for adult supervision, Cardinal Gates has a number of products that will help make outdoor areas safer than they are.

US-manufactured outdoor safety netting as well as heavy-duty outdoor deck netting that fits on decking and could be used to secure more “open” designs of perimeter or deck/patio fencing. Cardinal Gates’ UV-protected Deck Shield outdoor safety netting is 36-inches high and the netting grid size is half an inch square.  It is available in several lengths, 15-foot, 30-foot, and 50-foot, to meet varied needs.

Heavy-duty outdoor netting is seven times thicker than the standard type (mentioned above). Also made in the US and UV-protected, it is 36-inches tall and 15-foot long, and the mesh size is much smaller (0.1-inch square).

If you don’t favor mesh, the company also offers a US-made solid, flexible plastic deck shield that is guaranteed not to crack for at least three years. BPA-free and rated recycle #1, it comes in rolls that are the same height and length as the heavy-duty netting.

The company also manufactures various types of pole padding and has a product called the Patio Door Guardian that may be used to make sliding doors childproof. Also effective as a security device, it enables you to lock the door leaving a 3-inch gap for ventilation.

Cardinal Gates has several outdoor safety gates for pets and/or children or babies. Examples include a 29.5-inch high safety gate made of powder-coated aluminum featuring a safety latch that toddlers will not be able to open, as well as a 20-inch high wrought iron step-over gate to contain pets.

Not all outdoor gates are suitable for child safety, and not all are suitable for use outdoors. For more information, explore our website or call us so we can help you assess your needs.

Three Things to Look for in Pet Gates

Pets are more than just companions and guardians. They’re members of your family. Owning a pet is a great joy; however, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Cats and dogs don’t always know what’s best for them, so it’s up to their humans to protect these cherished pets from harm. That’s where pet gates come in.

If there are areas that need to be off-limits to your pet, a pet gate is essential for your home. Pet gates keep Fluffy and Fido from areas where they could be injured or ingest something dangerous. The good news is that it’s easy to protect a pet with the correct gate and proper installation. Learn more about the three things to look for in pet gates, so everyone stays healthy and happy.

  • Consider the Space

You may only need to gate off an average-sized room with a regular door. If that’s the case, a folding door gate may be all you need. However, if you need to block half a room or have double doors, you’ll likely need a pet gate with multiple panels.

Multi-panel pet gates will allow you to adjust the pet gate to fit the area. You can either place it in a straight line for maximum coverage, or a zigzag arrangement for small or irregularly-shaped spaces. Gates are available in a variety of materials and colors to match any decor.

  • Stairs Need Special Protection

Never use a freestanding pet gate for the top of the stairs. If your Golden Retriever takes a run, the gate will give and your pet may take a tumble and get hurt. Instead, choose an easy to install, wall-mounted gate for securing the stairs.

Not only will a hardware-mounted gate stay secure, but a walkthrough style with a locking mechanism allows you to move easily from one area to the other. You can also choose an auto-lock gate that swings shut behind you. Extensions ensure that it can fit most all sizes of stairways.

  • Outdoor Gates Must Be Secure

Outdoors can be an even bigger threat to a pet than inside the home. Traffic, strangers and getting lost can cause stress both for you and your pet. Keep your dog safely on the porch or deck with a weatherproof outdoor pet gate.

Make sure the gate has a secure latch so your pet can’t push it open if a bird or wandering cat gets his attention. Freestanding gates should not be used outdoors, particularly with dogs, because an over excited pup could easy push it over. Made with lightweight aluminum and stainless steel, an outdoor gate lets you leave your home knowing that your pet will stay safe.

Start Protecting Your Pets with Cardinal Gates’ Pet Gates

Now that you know three things to look for in pet gates, you’re ready for the next step. Purchasing the best gate for your home is easy and fast when you shop with Cardinal Gates.

At Cardinal Gates, we offer a great selection of top-quality pet gates that will help keep your beloved animal companions safe and sound. Contact us today to get more information on the gate that’s a perfect fit for your home.

How High Should Baby Gates and Pet Gates Be?

Baby gates and pet gates need to be designed so that they are safe, secure, and high enough to prevent little people and animals from climbing or pulling themselves over them.

But the question is, how high should they be?

Unless you have your baby gates and pet gates specially made, you will need to choose a gate with a suitable height from what is commercially available. Your choice will be based primarily on the age of your child, or the size – and breed – of your dog.

Another issue to consider is how long you want to be able to use your baby gates and/or pet gates. Even so, you will be well advised to choose gates that you can use as your pets and babies grow. Maybe you don’t even have a baby yet, but you do have a pet, and you want to plan for the future. If so, it’s important to choose a gate that is suitable for humans and animals. While most baby gates can double as pet gates, not all pet gates are suitable for use as child safety gates.

Every circumstance is different, and only you can assess your personal needs accurately.

Optimum Height for Baby Gates and Pet Gates

Ultimately, the vital factor in terms of height is that the gate should be sufficiently high to prevent babies and/or pets from climbing or jumping over it.

Common heights of commercially produced baby gates range from 29 or 29½ inches to 36 inches, regarded as “extra tall”. Pet gates come in similar heights, although some may be as low as 20 inches. There are also top extensions available for some pet gate designs that enable the owner to increase the height of the gate by 16 inches, or with two of these, by 32 inches.

Optimum Bar Spacing for Baby Gates and Pet Gates

Of course, height isn’t the only factor to consider. The spacing of vertical bars in any gate is also important. For instance, a baby should not be able to get its head through the bars of a baby gate. And if you have a very small-breed dog or puppies, you need them to be sufficiently close to prevent the animals from squeezing through the bars.

Typically, bar spacing is 2¼ to 2½ inches wide, but some pet panel gates have much narrower 1 to 1¾ spaces between the bars.

Other Considerations When Buying Baby Gates and Pet Gates

Pet and baby gates are made from a number of different types of material, including wood, and metal that might be wrought iron, steel, and lighter-weight aluminum, all of which are often powder coated for ease of maintenance, to prevent rusting, and for safety reasons. Some are made specifically for outdoor use, and there are designs specifically intended for use at the top or bottom of stairs.

Many designs are adjustable in width, and some have special extension panels that can be used to make them even wider.

Various methods of installation are used for safety gates, depending on design. These include pressure-mounted, wall-mounted, expandable, and freestanding gates.

Baby Gates and Pet Gates From Cardinal Gates

Cardinal Gates manufactures a wide range of safety gate products aimed at both babies, children, and pets. Features include autolock gate latches on some products and stairway special latches on others.

Contact Cardinal Gates for more information, for pricing, or to order your baby or pet gate today visit!

Do’s and Don’ts for Baby Safety in Your Home

The concern of every new parent is making sure that their baby is as safe as possible, which is why it’s so important to make sure that your home is secure. If your home is like most, there are countless hazards that have the potential of harming your baby. Addressing these issues should be your primary concern when you’re getting ready to bring your child home for the first time

Fortunately, making your home baby-friendly isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, especially if you follow the right tips and install the correct equipment. Here is a brief list of do’s and don’ts for home baby safety that should ensure that your house is ready for the arrival of your new baby.

Don’t Ignore Electrical Outlets

If your baby is a newborn, you may assume there are some home baby safety tips you can save for later. However, since you never know exactly when your little one will start crawling on their own, it’s a good idea to make your entire home as safe as possible. This should include dealing with electrical outlets and appliances.

Find all the outlets in your home, and then cover them with a sliding plate, which pose less of a choking hazard than outlet covers. You should also hide any cords and surge protectors. In your kitchen, keep appliance unplugged if they aren’t in use.

Do Install Baby Gates

Falls are the biggest threat to your baby, so if you want to make sure that your child is safe, you need to install baby gates in your house, especially on all staircases.

When installing a baby gate at the top of staircases, you should be sure that you’re choosing hardware mounted gates, which are much safer. Also, make sure there is a gate at the bottom of your stairs as well, as babies can climb up stairs with surprising speed. Always keep your gates closed and locked, and never climb over your gates.

Do Pay Special Attention to the Nursery

When your baby is very young, they will likely spend most of their time in the nursery. This means you need to take special care making sure that this room is safe and sound.

For example, when placing your baby’s crib, you should choose a spot that’s a safe distance from windows, lamps, and electrical outlets. Speaking of windows, you should make sure that there are child-proof window locks so that your child won’t be able to open and climb out of windows as they get older.

Get Started on Baby Safety

If you’re ready to get started on the important task of getting your home ready for the arrival of your baby, then the best place to start when it comes to home baby safety is purchasing a high-quality baby gate, which you can do by shopping with Cardinal Gates.

At Cardinal Gates, we are proud to provide top-notch baby gates and a great selection of safety products that are sure to keep your baby healthy, happy, and safe. Contact us today to learn which of our products is right for your home.

Baby Gates are an Essential Element of Child Safety at Home

You may be shocked to discover just how many accidents happen in the home. So if you’re a parent, you need to be concerned about child safety.

Research indicates that more than 40 percent of accidents happen in the home. Some leisure activities can also be dangerous, so it probably won’t be a surprise to learn that about 25 percent of injuries are due to incidents during leisure activities. Only about 15 percent of accidents happen on the road, which might be a revelation. The rest happen at work or in educational settings, often during some sort of sports activity.

Of course, the dangers for babies and young children are not necessarily the same as those for adults. But, in the home, it is easier to take steps to prevent babies and children from getting hurt using baby gates and other forms of baby proofing.

Assess the Dangers to Ensure Child Safety

While people of all ages are at risk in terms of dangers in the home, there is no doubt that babies and young children are hugely vulnerable, as are old, frail, and sick people of all ages.

The most common causes of injuries (including fatalities) are the same for all, and they include falls, poisoning, suffocation, drowning, accidents due to inadequate railings or banisters, the unsafe storage of medicines, and failure to secure firearms safely.

The fact is that if babies, toddlers, and even older children, get their hands on toxic substances, medication (including medicines sold over-the-counter), guns, knives, or other dangerous items, they can get hurt, or inadvertently cause injury to others. If they have access to water they can drown. And this doesn’t only mean in swimming pools and hot tubs; a baby can drown in a bucket half filled with water! Similarly, if they access to steps and stairs they can fall and get seriously hurt. So, it isn’t rocket science to realize that child safety requires a conscious effort to prevent little ones getting into danger.

It also stands to reason that good quality, well designed baby gates are an excellent means to ensuring child safety in the home. In fact, safety gates for babies and children are undoubtedly an essential element of baby proofing a home.

Baby Gates for Child Safety at Home

You might think your home is safe because there are no stairs, no swimming pool, and nothing obvious that will cause your little one to come into harm’s way. But the statistics show that all homes have dangers, that’s why accidents in the home are so common.

While there is no contest that babies and young children need constant supervision, baby gates may be mounted at the top or bottom of stairs, and where a child might gain access to other precarious places or might simply have access to an area that might spell danger.

When choosing baby gates that will provide adequate baby proofing it is essential that they are designed for purpose.

Cardinal Gates manufactures a range of child safety gates that have been designed for quick, easy installation. They include pressure mounted and wall mounted types and designs made specifically for the top of stairs. Some are expandable.

If you are concerned about child safety in your home or need advice about baby gates, don’t hesitate to contact Georgia-based Cardinal Gates for more information and advice.

Baby Gates and Pet Gates That Will Keep Your Home Safe

Gates are made in various forms and styles, from a range of different materials, for use both inside and outside the home. While they have various functions related mainly to safety and security, gates are primarily used to keep people and/or animals in or out.

Essential elements that ensure baby gates and pet gates will keep your home safe relate to both the materials used to manufacture the gate as well as design – including height and the distance between vertical bars. Any type of safety gate must be strong and sturdy and, once installed, both solid and secure. Baby gates and pet gates must be sufficiently high to prevent the possibility of babies and children from climbing over them, and dogs jumping over them. While not relevant for pet gates, baby gates mustn’t have any form of horizontal slat or bar that could be used as a ladder. The vertical bars or slats should also be spaced so that babies, young children, and pets cannot push through them.

Cardinal Gates makes a range of baby gates and pet gates to suit the specific needs of parents and pet owners. Some may be pressure mounted and others mounted on the wall. There are several models that are suitable for use at the top or bottom of stairs, for high traffic areas, as well as expandable gates. Various gate extensions are also available to increase the height of gates.

Different Types of Baby Gates

Baby gates are manufactured in different sizes and heights from various materials including wood, mild steel, wrought iron, and relatively lightweight aluminum. Most of the metal designs are powder-coated, minimizing maintenance.

Some designs may be mounted at any angle. While most are intended for use indoors, there are also outdoor safety gates available.

Baby gates are available in heights from 29½ inches to the extra tall 36 inch-high pressure gate. Bar spacing is generally either 2¼ or 2½ inches which will prevent a baby, toddler, or young child from pushing through the bars.

Many gates widths are adjustable and typical options are 26½ to 40½ or 41½ inches, or even as wide as 54¼ inches with extensions that increase openings to as much as 64 inches.

A great option for high traffic areas, some of Cardinal Gates’ baby gates feature a patented auto-lock as well as an open-and-close mechanism that enables adults to walk through the gate and simply pull the latch and then twist it to open, and then swing it closed.

Different Types of Pet Gates

Like baby gates, pet gates are manufactured in different heights and sizes, for either indoor or outdoor use including patios and decks. Materials range from wrought-iron, steel, aluminum, and solid wood to a combination of aluminum and stainless steel, and wood and steel. Some pet gates are freestanding, some may be expanded to make them wider, while others are made to add extensions that will make them higher. An extra-tall, 36-inch high design can span up to 54.5 inches. Like several other designs intended for high-traffic areas, it incorporates the company’s patented auto-lock. Bar spacing for the various designs ranges from 1 inch to 2½ inches.

Cardinal Gates’ pet gates are designed for all kinds of dogs from large jumpers to small-breeds and puppies. While some designs, like the powder-coated aluminum special stairway gate, are suitable for both pets and children, it is important to recognize when designs or specifically baby gates or pet gates.

Call us today for more information or shop online at to order your pet gates or baby gates!

Baby Proofing Tips for the Pregnant Mom from Cardinal Gates

Having a baby is exciting, but it comes with huge responsibilities that relate to child safety. If you are a pregnant mom and this is your first baby, you will need to consider just how baby proof your home is. Even before your baby starts to crawl, you need to be sure that the infant is safe, particularly when you bath and change its nappies.

Baby proofing a house isn’t rocket science, but children are inquisitive and can get themselves into trouble in seconds. This means parents and child carers must be vigilant.

Basic Child Safety Tips

Elements of child safety are varied, but they mostly relate to keeping the child out of harm’s way.  For example:

  • Bath water should never be too hot because a baby’s sensitive skin can be easily burned. You might enjoy a piping hot bath, but it should be at blood temperature for a baby. Do a wrist test to check the temperature.
  • A baby can drown in even the smallest volume of water, so never leave an infant or young child unsupervised in a tub or near water. This includes not only swimming pools and ponds but also the toilet!
  • Poisons and toxic products, including medicine and household cleaners, should be kept out of reach of children. Store these in cabinets where children can’t reach them and keep the cabinets locked.
  • Children should be protected from stairs and prevented access to any high vantage point from which they might fall. Baby gates are the best baby proofing option here.
  • Keep windows closed unless they are burglar-proofed with bars or an expandable device that a child won’t be able to fit through. A Window Warden is the perfect child proof window accessory.
  • Children should be protected from gaining access to anything that might burn them including hot irons, heaters, and open fireplaces – including indoor or outdoor barbecue units. If you have an open fireplace, install a hearth guard.
  • Protect children from accessing electrical outlets by fitting outlet covers or safety plugs. Also, keep appliances like hairdryers, toasters, and irons unplugged and out of reach.
  • Don’t leave babies alone with pets. Cats love to snuggle next to something warm and have been known to smother babies. Dogs bite, not necessarily because they are vicious, but also in self-defense. So if a little person sticks its fingers in a dog’s eyes, or tries to take food away from it, there could be trouble. A good solution is to install pet gates to prevent dogs entering your baby’s domain.

The Role of Baby Gates for Child Safety

Good quality, well-designed baby gates are the best way to prevent young children and toddlers from gaining access to areas of the house that harbor danger or where there might be risks. Whether you want to stop the child from accessing a passage that leads to an open-plan kitchen, prevent him from trying to go up or down stairs, or from getting into the backyard, baby gates are the answer.

Cardinal Gates produces a range of baby gates and pet gates that have been designed with child safety in mind. Some are designed to be wall mounted, while others are pressure mounted. Heights are variable, but all can be installed quickly and easily, with minimal drilling and screwing.

If you are a pregnant mom and haven’t considered installing baby gates or pet gates to maximize child safety in your home, contact Cardinal Gates or order products online at

Choosing the Right Baby Gate

Is your home babyproof? You owe it to your child to ensure that it is. With the right baby gate you can prevent toddlers from accessing the backyard, stairways, and any part of the house that might contain dangerous items of any sort from water the child could drown in, to medicines he or she might swallow.

Cardinal Gates has a range of safety gates designed to keep babies and children out of harm’s way. Made of metal and wood, they are all easy to install quickly and with the minimum of effort.

When choosing the right baby gate there are several factors to take into account:

  • Method of mounting
  • Whether it is intended for indoor or outdoor use
  • Where exactly it will be used, for example, at the top or bottom of stairs
  • Whether the gate is expandable or not

How Baby Gates are Mounted

There are two ways Cardinal Gates’ baby gates are mounted, either on the wall or with pressure fittings that don’t require screws or bolts. If mounted on the wall you will require screws and wall plugs or drywall anchors. Pressure gates are installed using special fittings that are tightened once in place. Screws or bolts may be used for additional stability.

Pressure Gates

Made to span an opening of between 29.5 and 32.5 inches, Cardinal Gates’ extra tall metal pressure gates can be used with extensions that will enable you to close an area up to 54.5 inches wide. At three foot, they are 20 percent higher than most safety gates and they feature auto-close and auto-lock functions. These gates open in both directions are made from steel and powder-coated in black or white. They are not recommended for use at the top of stairs.

Wall-Mounted Gates

There is a much bigger choice of wall-mounted gates, including several that are intended for use at the top or bottom of stairs. Additionally, wall-mounted gates are available in metal and wood, and for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cardinal Gates’ automatic locking safety gates are great for indoor areas that are accessed frequently. Made of powder-coated aluminum, they feature a patented latch that locks when the gate is swung shut. The latch is easy for adults to open by simply pulling and twisting, but impenetrable for babies, toddlers, and very young children.

There is also a powder-coated steel gate that is 29½ inches high and adjustable in width from 26½ to 41½ inches. Particularly easy to assemble, it can be wall-mounted at any angle.

If you need a safety gate that will keep young children in an outdoor space, you’ll need a design that is weatherproof. Similar in size to the powder-coated steel gate, Cardinal Gates’ outdoor safety gate is made of aluminum and stainless steel and is also powder-coated. In addition to this gate that may be used to block stairways, there are several other safety gates that are suitable for preventing babies and young children from accessing stairs. The safest of them all is made from powder-coated aluminum and features a latch system toddlers will never fathom but is easy for adults to operate with just one hand. A stylish “wrought iron” (steel) design, also powder coated, features the same latch.

If you need to span longer-the-usual openings, an XpandaGate is the answer. This design has the auto-close and auto-lock latch.

If you need a safety gate to help protect your child look no further than Cardinal Gates, the baby safety gate specialists.