We love our Step Over Gate! It’s wonderful. We have the ‘natural’ model. We use our Step Over Gate to keep our dog out of one upstairs room. We just step over it but the dog can’t enter. It solves a problem and works perfectly. Because it’s easy to move, we sometimes use it on our front porch, too, to keep the dog on the porch. We’ll probably get a couple more. Thanks!

Glenn Johnson

To Whom This May Concern,
This morning I called in to get replacement parts for one of your gates and I was telling the kind lady on the phone how much we have loved your gates. We have had your gates (2 of the SS-30A) for the last 7 years and only now am I seeking replacement parts. As a mom of 6 kids (ages 10 and under) I need something sturdy! The latches are difficult enough to protect the youngest while allowing the older children (5 and up) to still open them with ease! I recommend these gates as not only functional but standing up to the test of a family with 6 young children!

Nicole Eckenrode