Is your home babyproof? You owe it to your child to ensure that it is. With the right baby gate you can prevent toddlers from accessing the backyard, stairways, and any part of the house that might contain dangerous items of any sort from water the child could drown in, to medicines he or she might swallow.

Cardinal Gates has a range of safety gates designed to keep babies and children out of harm’s way. Made of metal and wood, they are all easy to install quickly and with the minimum of effort.

When choosing the right baby gate there are several factors to take into account:

  • Method of mounting
  • Whether it is intended for indoor or outdoor use
  • Where exactly it will be used, for example, at the top or bottom of stairs
  • Whether the gate is expandable or not

How Baby Gates are Mounted

There are two ways Cardinal Gates’ baby gates are mounted, either on the wall or with pressure fittings that don’t require screws or bolts. If mounted on the wall you will require screws and wall plugs or drywall anchors. Pressure gates are installed using special fittings that are tightened once in place. Screws or bolts may be used for additional stability.

Pressure Gates

Made to span an opening of between 29.5 and 32.5 inches, Cardinal Gates’ extra tall metal pressure gates can be used with extensions that will enable you to close an area up to 54.5 inches wide. At three foot, they are 20 percent higher than most safety gates and they feature auto-close and auto-lock functions. These gates open in both directions are made from steel and powder-coated in black or white. They are not recommended for use at the top of stairs.

Wall-Mounted Gates

There is a much bigger choice of wall-mounted gates, including several that are intended for use at the top or bottom of stairs. Additionally, wall-mounted gates are available in metal and wood, and for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cardinal Gates’ automatic locking safety gates are great for indoor areas that are accessed frequently. Made of powder-coated aluminum, they feature a patented latch that locks when the gate is swung shut. The latch is easy for adults to open by simply pulling and twisting, but impenetrable for babies, toddlers, and very young children.

There is also a powder-coated steel gate that is 29½ inches high and adjustable in width from 26½ to 41½ inches. Particularly easy to assemble, it can be wall-mounted at any angle.

If you need a safety gate that will keep young children in an outdoor space, you’ll need a design that is weatherproof. Similar in size to the powder-coated steel gate, Cardinal Gates’ outdoor safety gate is made of aluminum and stainless steel and is also powder-coated. In addition to this gate that may be used to block stairways, there are several other safety gates that are suitable for preventing babies and young children from accessing stairs. The safest of them all is made from powder-coated aluminum and features a latch system toddlers will never fathom but is easy for adults to operate with just one hand. A stylish “wrought iron” (steel) design, also powder coated, features the same latch.

If you need to span longer-the-usual openings, an XpandaGate is the answer. This design has the auto-close and auto-lock latch.

If you need a safety gate to help protect your child look no further than Cardinal Gates, the baby safety gate specialists.