Summer is here, and many of us are gravitating to our decks, patios, and our backyards. Our children and pets are going to want to spend more time outdoors this summer, which means moms, dads, and pet owners are going to need to be extra vigilant concerning patio and deck safety.

Products that will help make your decks and patios safe include safety gates and outdoor safety netting that is designed to be attached vertically to fencing and vertical decking posts, poles, and other upright elements.

The challenge is to identify areas that produce some risk and then to find the best solution that will ensure decks, steps, and patios will be safe at all times.

Baby Gates for Deck Safety

Whether you have steps that lead from a deck to your backyard or a low-level deck that provides access to an outdoor area, a weatherproof outdoor baby gate will give you peace of mind that your little one will not get out unless you allow him to. Of course, if the deck does not have a railing, then you will need to position the gate so that access to the deck is restricted. If the area is accessible via stairs, then a barrier designed for a stairway is the best solution.

Deck gates are also used to contain pets either in the house or to prevent them from gaining access to the house. While baby gates are generally suitable as pet safety gates, they may not be high enough to avoid big breed dogs from gaining access. If your pets are likely to jump a barrier, ensure you install one that is extra tall. If you need a baby gate, never opt for a pet gate, unless is it manufactured for dual use.

Outdoor Safety and Deck Netting

In many instances, an outdoor safety gate will be all you need to keep your children and pets safe. However, many balconies and decks have openings that can be accessed by babies and animals. Even if the vertical railings are quite close together, outdoor safety netting will give you that extra peace of mind that your little ones can’t get out and unwelcome animals can’t get it. It will also keep cats and small breed dogs out of harm’s way.

Deck Safety Solutions From Cardinal Gates

Georgia-based Cardinal Gates has excellent outdoor safety solutions that will ensure your kids and pets stay safe throughout the spring and summer months. These include:

  • Outdoor safety netting that is UV-protected and manufactured to keep pets and children safe from deck and balcony openings. It is three-foot tall and available in a range of roll sizes.
  • Heavy-duty outdoor deck netting that is seven times thicker than standard nets, and also three foot tall. UV-rated, it carries a three-year guarantee.
    Outdoor clear deck shield that is made from solid, flexible plastic and provides an excellent alternative to netting.
  • Baby and pet gates are suitable for decks and the top and bottom of outdoor (and indoor) stairs.

If you would like to know more about the options we offer, please contact us as soon as possible. Our mission is to keep you, your children, and your pets safe 24:7, every day of the year.