Gates are made in various forms and styles, from a range of different materials, for use both inside and outside the home. While they have various functions related mainly to safety and security, gates are primarily used to keep people and/or animals in or out.

Essential elements that ensure baby gates and pet gates will keep your home safe relate to both the materials used to manufacture the gate as well as design – including height and the distance between vertical bars. Any type of safety gate must be strong and sturdy and, once installed, both solid and secure. Baby gates and pet gates must be sufficiently high to prevent the possibility of babies and children from climbing over them, and dogs jumping over them. While not relevant for pet gates, baby gates mustn’t have any form of horizontal slat or bar that could be used as a ladder. The vertical bars or slats should also be spaced so that babies, young children, and pets cannot push through them.

Cardinal Gates makes a range of baby gates and pet gates to suit the specific needs of parents and pet owners. Some may be pressure mounted and others mounted on the wall. There are several models that are suitable for use at the top or bottom of stairs, for high traffic areas, as well as expandable gates. Various gate extensions are also available to increase the height of gates.

Different Types of Baby Gates

Baby gates are manufactured in different sizes and heights from various materials including wood, mild steel, wrought iron, and relatively lightweight aluminum. Most of the metal designs are powder-coated, minimizing maintenance.

Some designs may be mounted at any angle. While most are intended for use indoors, there are also outdoor safety gates available.

Baby gates are available in heights from 29½ inches to the extra tall 36 inch-high pressure gate. Bar spacing is generally either 2¼ or 2½ inches which will prevent a baby, toddler, or young child from pushing through the bars.

Many gates widths are adjustable and typical options are 26½ to 40½ or 41½ inches, or even as wide as 54¼ inches with extensions that increase openings to as much as 64 inches.

A great option for high traffic areas, some of Cardinal Gates’ baby gates feature a patented auto-lock as well as an open-and-close mechanism that enables adults to walk through the gate and simply pull the latch and then twist it to open, and then swing it closed.

Different Types of Pet Gates

Like baby gates, pet gates are manufactured in different heights and sizes, for either indoor or outdoor use including patios and decks. Materials range from wrought-iron, steel, aluminum, and solid wood to a combination of aluminum and stainless steel, and wood and steel. Some pet gates are freestanding, some may be expanded to make them wider, while others are made to add extensions that will make them higher. An extra-tall, 36-inch high design can span up to 54.5 inches. Like several other designs intended for high-traffic areas, it incorporates the company’s patented auto-lock. Bar spacing for the various designs ranges from 1 inch to 2½ inches.

Cardinal Gates’ pet gates are designed for all kinds of dogs from large jumpers to small-breeds and puppies. While some designs, like the powder-coated aluminum special stairway gate, are suitable for both pets and children, it is important to recognize when designs or specifically baby gates or pet gates.

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