If you want to be sure your toddlers and crawling babies are safe, the answer to the question, Are baby gates essential, is a resounding “yes.” Even if you can be with them and watch them for every minute of their waking hours, it’s still an excellent idea. Just imagine what might happen if you took your eye of your child for half a second and she fell down the stairs or got into the kitchen or bathroom where there are typically lots of hazards!

How Baby Gates Protect Our Little Ones

Have you ever heard people say that most accidents happen in the home? While the bathroom and kitchen are known to be hazardous, there are a host of other dangers that face babies and toddlers in different rooms. For example:

In the living room, tables, TV sets, bookcases, and even loose wires and cords can be a risk. Stuff falls over or can be pulled over, and cords get tangled.

The home office has similar hazards to living rooms, as well as small items like paper clips and erasers that children think are cool to chew. Plastic bags and even paper is also a potential hazard.

The most sensible solution is not to let them get inside the office area!

Stairs are a significant problem and a hazard for both old and very young people. A baby gate is the only solution, and preferably gates at both the top and bottom for optimum safety because if a baby can climb stairs, he can also fall.

In bedrooms and bathrooms, there are often dangers in the form of medicines and personal cleansing items. While you can store these out of reach, it is often better to take steps to prevent kids from getting any form of access.

The kitchen is a hazard all on its own. It has heat and sharp objects and all sorts of other items that can be a real danger. If you eat in the kitchen, make sure you have a safe place for your baby – like a high chair she can’t climb out.

Types of Baby Gates

There are various types of baby gates including those designed for use at the top of stairs. Many must be mounted on the wall on either side of the opening, while others are pressure mounted so that no screws are required. Some designs fit at any angle.

Baby gates also come in a range of sizes, and many may be used with extensions to increase their width. There are also expandable baby gates available.

Cardinal Gates’ manufactures their gates with materials such as wrought iron, steel, aluminum, and wood. Easy-to-clean powder coated finishes are popular.

Other factors you will need to consider when choosing a suitable baby gate for your home include the spacing between vertical bars, the direction in which the gate opens and closes, and the locking or closing mechanism incorporated in the design.

Cardinal Gates has a comprehensive range of baby gates to meet varied needs. Some feature the convenient auto-close and auto-lock functions that ensure complete peace of mind. Contact us before your baby becomes mobile so we can help you assess your needs.