You may be shocked to discover just how many accidents happen in the home. So if you’re a parent, you need to be concerned about child safety.

Research indicates that more than 40 percent of accidents happen in the home. Some leisure activities can also be dangerous, so it probably won’t be a surprise to learn that about 25 percent of injuries are due to incidents during leisure activities. Only about 15 percent of accidents happen on the road, which might be a revelation. The rest happen at work or in educational settings, often during some sort of sports activity.

Of course, the dangers for babies and young children are not necessarily the same as those for adults. But, in the home, it is easier to take steps to prevent babies and children from getting hurt using baby gates and other forms of baby proofing.

Assess the Dangers to Ensure Child Safety

While people of all ages are at risk in terms of dangers in the home, there is no doubt that babies and young children are hugely vulnerable, as are old, frail, and sick people of all ages.

The most common causes of injuries (including fatalities) are the same for all, and they include falls, poisoning, suffocation, drowning, accidents due to inadequate railings or banisters, the unsafe storage of medicines, and failure to secure firearms safely.

The fact is that if babies, toddlers, and even older children, get their hands on toxic substances, medication (including medicines sold over-the-counter), guns, knives, or other dangerous items, they can get hurt, or inadvertently cause injury to others. If they have access to water they can drown. And this doesn’t only mean in swimming pools and hot tubs; a baby can drown in a bucket half filled with water! Similarly, if they access to steps and stairs they can fall and get seriously hurt. So, it isn’t rocket science to realize that child safety requires a conscious effort to prevent little ones getting into danger.

It also stands to reason that good quality, well designed baby gates are an excellent means to ensuring child safety in the home. In fact, safety gates for babies and children are undoubtedly an essential element of baby proofing a home.

Baby Gates for Child Safety at Home

You might think your home is safe because there are no stairs, no swimming pool, and nothing obvious that will cause your little one to come into harm’s way. But the statistics show that all homes have dangers, that’s why accidents in the home are so common.

While there is no contest that babies and young children need constant supervision, baby gates may be mounted at the top or bottom of stairs, and where a child might gain access to other precarious places or might simply have access to an area that might spell danger.

When choosing baby gates that will provide adequate baby proofing it is essential that they are designed for purpose.

Cardinal Gates manufactures a range of child safety gates that have been designed for quick, easy installation. They include pressure mounted and wall mounted types and designs made specifically for the top of stairs. Some are expandable.

If you are concerned about child safety in your home or need advice about baby gates, don’t hesitate to contact Georgia-based Cardinal Gates for more information and advice.