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VersaGate (Model VG-65)
VersaGate (Model VG-65)

The VersaGate is the most versatile gate on the market. This modular system has a variety of extensions, enabling endless configurations: it can span large areas, it can be used in a straight-line configuration, it can navigate difficult spaces, and it can even be made into a pen!
The VersaGate features a 40 inch door section with a large 24 inch opening and rubber-coated, stabilizing feet to increase stability and prevent scratching floors. SEE DOORWAY PHOTO ON LEFT. The basic Versagate system (VG65) comes with a door panel (40 inches) and two medium extensions (20 inches).
Two additional sizes of extensions are available: the VG40 (40 inches)and the VG20 (20 inches). See ACCESSORIES. page to purchase extensions.

NEWS: The black & white all metal VersaGates have been improved. Gates with a production date of July 2015 now have doors that swing open in EITHER direction!

Gate Dimensions:
Height 30 ½"
Bar Spacing 2 ¼"
Width spans from 40-inches to 77.25-inches depending on configuration

NOTE: This is NOT a freestanding gate! This gate is wall-mounted using hardware. Configuring the VersaGate as a fully enclosed pen requires additional extensions and is the ONLY way this gate is freestanding.

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Part # VG65Our price:$165.00

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VersaGate (Model VG-65)VersaGate (Model VG-65)VersaGate (Model VG-65)