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MARCH 5, 2013:
"To Whom This May Concern,
This morning I called in to get replacement parts for one of your gates and I was telling the kind lady on the phone how much we have loved your gates.
We have had your gates (2 of the SS-30A) for the last 7 years and only now am I seeking replacement parts. As a mom of 6 kids (ages 10 and under) I need something sturdy! The latches are difficult enough to protect the youngest while allowing the older children (5 and up) to still open them with ease! I recommend these gates as not only functional but standing up to the test of a family with 6 young children!!!

Nicole Eckenrode
Rockville, MD

"Thanks for a great product. Over the last year I’ve purchased 12 of your gates (MG-15) through Drs. Foster & Smith and I’m getting ready to buy #13.

I use them both indoors (10) and outside (2). I have a big house and run a small in-home dog boarding business, so I definitely need the gates to help manage my little 4-legged visitors. The gates are well made and work perfectly. The latch is well designed, easy to use, and in a word, WORKS. The instructions for installation are clearly written and I was able to install them myself with simple tools. The gates have very smooth ONE-HAND operation and swing shut with a solid click locking in place. The gate is perfect -- well-made, functional, and affordable. For anyone who needs a solid, secure dog-gate that's easy to use, this is the one they should buy. This gate is screwed into the doorway frame and it’s sturdy. It’s simply the best, easiest-to-use gate you will ever use.

I rarely take the time to offer product reviews, but my experience with your gates is well worth sharing. I try to help my clients and dog-people friends find the products and services they need to help make life with their dogs safer and more enjoyable. Your pet gate MG-15 deserves a “Maximum-Stars” rating.

Thank you Cardinal Gates for making a terrific product!"

Ginny Venning
Barrington, IL

"“We love our Step Over Gate! It’s wonderful. We have the ‘natural’ model. We use our Step Over Gate to keep our dog out of one upstairs room. We just step over it but the dog can’t enter. It solves a problem and works perfectly. Because it’s easy to move, we sometimes use it on our front porch, too, to keep the dog on the porch. We’ll probably get a couple more. Thanks!"

Glenn Johnson
Atlanta, GA

"We have 3 model PG-35 Pet gates for use with our 100 lb. Chocolate Lab – Fender. We purchased them on line and received them and immediately put them to use, they were extremely easy to install and the ease of opening is such that we have become accustomed to them like opening a door. We are using the gates in a high traffic area, there is one at each archway entrance of the kitchen and one at the entrance of the family room stairs and have had no problems and the quality is excellent. We would recommend the purchase of this model to anyone who has pets and would definitely buy more if we needed them. Thank you for providing an excellent product."

David & Cynthia Gentit
Farmington Hills, MI

"I just wanted to send a note to thank you for the customized hearth guard. My new home has an oversized hearth which my children love to climb on. No standard guard would fit. Your man Ray, listened attentively to my problem and figured out a workable solution. It is now on my hearth and it works as well as I expected and looks just fine. Ray deserves some special credit for a job well done!"

John T. Rogalski
Decatur, AL

4-18-2012: Certified Professional Babyproofer Bob Wydra, Owner of A Safe Child in Charlotte, NC, shared a photo our VG-65 + VG-40 in a straight-line configuration to protect baby from gym equipment. Thanks Bob! View image here.