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24-inch Extension for Metal-Backed Hearth Guard
24-inch Extension for Metal-Backed Hearth Guard
MADE IN THE USA! Perfect for oversized hearths, this extension adds an additional 24 inches of width to our Metal Backed Hearthguard. Colors:   black, brown, gray, taupe and ivory.
• Flame-resistant
• Latex-free
• Phthalates-free

ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: The material for the Hearth Guard Padding is more art than science. Each production run of material is always slightly different in dimension and color. If you order extra sticks of hearth padding or corners, call us directly, so we can build your order from the same lot of material.
MEASURE TWICE--ORDER ONCE! It's important to order your Hearth Guard and Mid-Extension (if needed) at the same time for the above reason.

Concerned about this product & fire? View "Hearth Pad Fire Test" video. CLICK HERE.

NOTE: Use of no more than ONE extension is recommended. Contact us if you need a larger/custom order.

Part # KEMEOur price:$29.95

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